In early 1975, Spouses Renato & Laura started to lease fishponds with a total productive area of six (6) hectares located in Bulacan.  That ventured into the green grouper most widely known as Lapu-lapu fishpond production by adopting the traditional way of culturing the said species.  On the same year, she supplied poultry, beef and fish to Curtainwall Company in Cainta.  She also supplied lapu-lapu in market in Manila.

In 1980, they increased their fishpond leasehold to ten hectares. Mrs. Laura became a wholesaler of live lapu-lapu in Parañaque, Chinatown and Sta. Mesa Market.

In 1985, Mrs. Laura became an export broker of black tiger prawn of OL Export & Import Corporation.  On the same year, she became a dealer of live Lapu-lapu and prawns to various seafood restaurants in Metro Manila and Quezon City.

In 1992, Mr. Renato & Mrs. Laura established RL Marine Products-Export and Import, a single proprietorship with its principal office in Bulacan.  It was registered with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Bureau of Internal Revenue office respectively.  Since then, she continued as a supplier of sea foods to various restaurants in Metro Manila and an export broker of prawns and live lapu-lapu up to the present.  In the same year she also started exporting its production to Hongkong and Saipan.

In 1999, due to increase in demand of live lapu-lapu their fishpond leasehold was increased to eighty (80) hectares,  Fifty percent of the said total area was traditionally culturing Lapu-lapu and remaining fifty percent was culturing prawns.  Silver fish (apahap) and Milkfish (bangus).  They continued as supplier of seafoods to various sea foods restaurant, hotels and supermarkets in Metro Manila and in Luzon, and was at its peak up to 2001. In 2001, Mrs. Laura was a supplier of seafoods to Price Mart Alabang & Ortigas, SM Bicutan and SM Paranaque, and in Uniwide.

In 2004, its trade name was changed to RL MARINE PRODUCT DEALER with theDTI and BIR respectively.  Aside from the fishpond production of its own, it also engaged in the buying and selling of prawns and crabs from various fishpond owner here in Luzon.  It supplied seafoods like lapu-lapu, prawns and crabs to various restaurants and markets in Metro Manila.

Until today they continue its seafood business and remain the leading dealer and trader in the Seafood Business here in Luzon. With the latest technology in fishpond operation and advertisement, we dreamt to become the No.1 Seafood Dealer in the Philippines maximizing its target market not only here in South East Asia but also all over the world delivering the best quality seafood in the market.


Our Passion to deliver the best and quality product to our Customer has kept our vision to maintain high standards for an excellent value for money.

We continue to develop first-rate relationship with our customers and suppliers, which has been the main foundation of our decade of success.


Establish R.L. Marine Product as the leading supplier of high quality standard in Seafood Industry both locally and overseas.


We are committed to provide the best quality product, timely delivery and assistance to our customers.  It’s these day to day relationships energize our main company mission.

We are rapidly expanding our target market from Southeast Asia Region, Northern Mariana Islands, Australia now including Middle East, Europe, South Africa, Canada and Mainland U.S.A.

If you are interested in business opportunity or be our partner to success, please contact : business@rlmarineproducts.com.ph